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IBC Bank Online Banking

IBC (International Bancshares Corporation) is another most popular state-chartered bank located in Texas, Laredo. IBC Bank will provide excellent services and banking products in Oklahoma and Texas. However, bank customers will access their online account using a few simple steps to manage & control. Users can review this article to know the importance of the IBC Bank login process and customer support team information. Before accessing the login process, ensure that you have an active account in the IBC Bank.

For utilizing the online banking facility, it is not essential to visit the nearby branch or filling any online forms. IBC Bank’s online web portal will offer customers for performing numerous non-transactional and transactional activities. Some of them are requesting a new debit card, managing debit cards, fund transfer, checking account balance, and many others.

How to Login IBC Bank Online Account

It is essential to have a stable & fast internet connection along with a computer or smartphone to access your IBC Bank account. Avoid entering the incorrect password from temporarily blocking your online account access. Moreover, multiple incorrect entries will hold your account access for a short time. Follow the below process to access the IBC Bank login account:

Step 1 – Access the IBC Bank official website on your computer or smartphone

IBC Bank Homepage

Step 2 – On the existing secure sign-in option, you need to choose the account type as Checking, Savings, etc.

Step 3 – Input your IBC account username that you set during the account registration process

IBC Bank Login

Step 4 – Input the respective account password within the password field and press the “GO” option

After providing the correct login credentials, you can successfully log in to your IBC Bank online account. You can manage and view your IBC account from anywhere across the globe without any issues. Online banking facility will allow users to perform various transactional activities or fund transfer at their comfort.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Password

In case if you had forgotten your account password then make use of the Forgot Password option. Instead of entering the wrong password, you can utilize this feature to reset or recover your account password. Multiple entries of the wrong password may block or hold your account access for a short time. Just provide the mandatory information to reset your IBC online banking account password. Follow the below steps to reset or retrieve your IBC Bank account password:

Step 1 – Access the IBC Bank official website on your computer or smartphone

IBC Bank Forgot Password

Step 2 – On the existing secure sign-in option, you need to choose the account type as Checking, Savings, etc.

Step 3 – Within the login page, press the “Forgot your Password” option

IBC Bank Forgot Password Steps

Step 4 – Now, input your online bank account username and press the Ok option

Step 5 – It will redirect to a new page to input your new account password and press the Save option

Now, you can access your IBC Bank account using a new password.

How to Enroll In IBC Bank Online Account

It is essential to enroll or register your bank account for accessing or managing your online banking facility. After completing the enrollment process, users can access their online bank account from anywhere without any issues. Follow the below steps to enroll or register your IBC Bank login account:

Step 1 – Access the IBC Bank official website on your computer or smartphone

IBC Bank Online Banking Enrollment

Step 2 – On the existing web page, it is important to input your account number

Step 3 – Next, you need to choose the account type as Checking, Savings, etc.

IBC Bank Online Banking Enrollment Steps 2

Step 4 – Press the Continue icon to start your IBC Bank account enrollment process

Step 5 – Now, input the other mandatory fields on the existing enrollment page. Ensure that you are providing the correct account details during the enrollment process

Make a note of your account password that you set during the enrollment process. Users will receive a message on their phone number & valid email address on behalf of successful registration. After completing the process, users can log in or access their bank account successfully.

What all can you manage with IBC Banking

IBC Bank’s online account will assist the users to perform numerous online banking services. A few of them like fund transfer, reaching customer service, sending money, checking the bank balance, and many others. The IBC Bank link is another technology-based and fast-paced business environment. Your business and individual banking will offer the best service by utilizing the online business & personal banking system. Users can access numerous accounts with a stable internet connection and a standard web browser.

  • Security
  • User Control
  • Balance Reporting
  • Lockbox Service
  • Zero Balance Accounts
  • Fraud Prevention (Positive Pay)
  • Direct Debit Service
  • Wire Transfers
  • Direct Deposit Service

Benefits of IBC Banking

IBC Bank Online banking will allow users to manage their financial and banking requirements from any mobile device or computer.

  • With less effort, you can pay your bill payments on time
  • Bill Pay without postage
  • IBC Bank offers Secure Messaging communication
  • Arrange for recurring or future transactions
  • Fund transfer within the IBC Bank deposit or checking accounts
  • View or print your account history or balances
  • It is more convenient to schedule and manages your IBC Bank online account
  • Consistent user experience throughout the entire devices
  • Make use of a mobile phone to utilize the available enrollment feature

IBC (International Bancshares Corporation) Bank Contact Details

Customers are encouraged and advised to take part in the bank’s official survey form. IBC Bank will provide the best and excellent customer experience. They will utilize your feedback or comments to improve their overall bank experience and service. For any queries or assistance, you can contact the IBC Bank Customer Support Team at 1888-999-1091. Find below the list of IBC Bank helpline phone numbers for various locations to contact the Bank’s customer service representative:

IBC Zapata – (956) 765-8361

IBC San Antonio – (210) 518-2500

IBC Port Lavaca – (361) 552-9771

IBC Oklahoma – (405) 841-2100

IBC McAllen – (956) 686-0263

IBC Laredo – (956) 722-7611

IBC Houston – (713) 526-1211

IBC Eagle Pass – (830) 773-2313

IBC Corpus Christi – (361) 888-4000

IBC Brownsville – (956) 547-1000

IBC Austin – (512) 397-4506

Commerce Bank – (956) 724-1616

Email Support – consumer.complaints@dob.texas.gov

In case if you prefer to utilize the future survey offers then please access the following website:


IBC Bank Information


IBC (International Bancshares Corporation) Bank

2601, North Boulevard, Suite 300,

Austin, Texas 78705-4294

IBC Bank – Branch Locations

IBC Oklahoma

3817, NW Expressway Suite 100,

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Contact Number – (405) 841-2100

Routing Number – 303072793

IBC McAllen

One South Broadway

P.O. Box 579,

McAllen, TX 78501-0579

Contact Number – (956) 686-0263

Routing Number – 114917623

IBC Corpus Christi

221, South Shoreline,

P.O. Box 2648

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Contact Number – (361) 888-4000

Routing Number – 114912275

IBC Brownsville

1600, Ruben Torres Blvd

Brownsville, TX 78526

Contact Number – (956) 547-1000

Routing Number – 114911580

IBC Austin

500, West 5th Street

Suite 100

Austin, TX 78701

Contact Number – (512) 397-4506

Routing Number – 114902528

IBC Port Lavaca

311, N. Virginia St.

P.O. Box 228

Port Lavaca, TX 77979-1274

Contact Number – (361) 552-9771

Routing Number – 113105025

IBC Houston

5615, Kirby Dr.

P.O. Box 6568

Houston, TX 77005

Contact Number – (713) 526-1211

Routing Number – 113000861

IBC San Antonio

130, East Travis

P.O. Box 47526

San Antonio, TX 78205-1287

Contact Number – (210) 518-2500

Routing Number – 114013284

IBC Eagle Pass

2395, East Main St.

Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Contact Number – (830) 773-2313

Routing Number – 114902612

IBC Zapata

US Hwy 83 at 10th Avenue

P.O. Box 1030

Zapata, TX 78076-1030

Contact Number – (956) 765-8361

Routing Number – 114912709

Commerce Bank

5800, San Dario

P.O. Box 2949

Laredo, TX 78041-2949

Contact Number – (956) 724-1616

Routing Number – 114909903

IBC Laredo

1200, San Bernardo Ave

Laredo, TX 78042-1359

Contact Number – (956) 722-7611

Routing Number – 114902528


Is it secure to access Mobile Banking?

Yes, it is secure to access the IBC Bank Mobile banking feature. Log in process can be completed within the system by offering a two-factor authentication that requires a Secure Access Code. The in-built timeout feature within the system will log out automatically after inactivity for 10 minutes. However, your mobile device may never store the account information.

What is the procedure to enroll for the Bill Pay feature?

Access the online banking menu and choose the appropriate transaction. Then access the Bill Payment & Transfers sub-menu and choose your account. Now, you can enroll or register to utilize the Bill Pay feature.

How is it possible to change the account password for Online Banking?

First of all, you need to access your ICB Online Banking account for changing the password.

  • Access the Security Preferences under the Settings menu
  • Now, you will prompt to change your account password
  • Enter the old account password in the first field and the new password in the next field
  • Again enter the new password for confirmation
  • Press the Change Password option

What do you mean by Secure Access Code?

Online Banking Secure Access Code for authentication is a one-time passcode that allows users to securely log in or access. You can receive the Secure Access Code through text message, phone, or e-mail. After receiving the one-time Secure Access code, it is valid only for an hour or 60 minutes.

What is the procedure to activate your Personal Debit Card?

While opening an account by visiting the IBC Bank branch, they will activate and provide an Instant Visa Debit Card. In case if the debit card is delivered through mail then contact the Bank Customer Support Team for assistance. During the process, you need to press option 1 for Debit Card activation.

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